So, with all the law suit and dirrty drama, 

we ended up with two! night markets!! 

the new one being "the Summer Night Market" which is held at the old night market spot 

and the old one at the new spot! 

when I got there, I was surprised by how big it has gotten!!

lt seems like it is twice as what it was before

with a lot of new things as well as old things 

other new thing was that, 

the night market provided free parking!!!!!!!!!!!! 

there are some ppl with paid parkings before you enter the actual night market

but don't get duped!!!

the parking at the night market is FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

the nice staff will direct you on where to park 

the down side is, 

they now charge admission fee which is $1.50/person

which is can add up if you are going as a family,

but with all the things going on in there

it's not very much

any how, 

the main reason I go to the night market is the food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and as a girl who loves to eat, this is a perfect opportunity to explore 

however, I ate many things this day, and have very lil memory on how everything was exactly like

so bare with me 

half a lobster for $5.99 

good deal heh?

not really

after about 4~5 bites, it was gone 

which is pretty good, and it tasted awesome as well 

very chewy and tender with the buttery sauce on top complementing the lobster well

just don't expect to get too much out of it

it is $5.99

the classic burger

asian style burger

it's like japadog hamburger style

the meat was juicy and sauce was sorta like pesto + sweet mayo which was interesting

it is a size of a cheese burger with patty being twice as thick 

personally, bun was too tough (it is store bought of which i did expect but they could toast it better so it becomes soft) 

there are other things out there you could get for $5 that are better

but if you are interested in asian style american burger 

it would be a good experience 

cause it did taste good! 

should not have added the extra sauce because it was salty enough already

nothing special 

fried rich noodles 

fresh strawberry and watermelon juice

nearing almost $5, they actually blend the whole fruit right infront of you

no powder, nothing outta can, fresh strawberries and watermelon

but I think that combination was just bit weird 

cause it tasted like watered down strawberry juice with hint of watermelon

satay squid 

tender but very chew with satay sauce just enough to season the squid 

and i could taste the smoke very well 

this seemed to be quite popular

since this was at about 8PM and half of the menu was already sold out

this one is located in two diff place in the same night market

beef, pork, asparagus

personally, the pork was the best

as much as i love the asparagus and bacon combo,

asparagus was just too cooked 

(I have to apologize for the out of focus photo, but wanted to show what it looked like inside, and this one was only photo I had)

deep fried mars bar

if you have not tried this,

it is worth trying

at least once to see if you would like it

cause this is heavenly 

it is reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly SWEET 

but i have a sweet tooth

(although after about two bites, i really crave dark black coffee)

for those who are curious on how this taste like

it is like funnel cake batter / beaver tale batter 

surrounding mars bar

and since it was deep fried, the chocolate bar melts

creating this creamy chocolate, oowy caramel and soft nugat 

shaved ice with mango and strawberry topping

this is really good and refreshing

the condensed milk and ice cream combines everything together 

little wish trees they had as a fundraising event...

the trees themselves were beautiful 

but ppl's wishes were more touching 

dessert tofu

i think it was black sesame

warm soft tofu with black sesame syrup...


i dont know how to comment on this one..

this place seems to have the longest line up out of all the place

it is known as hurricane potato that came korea

which is almost a whole potato thinly sliced in spiral 

deep fried and served with powder in diff flavours

it tastes like fresh potato chips 

but is best when eaten while piping hot 

i really could not tell why ppl would wait almost half an hour for

but i guess everyone got curious like me 

there are a lot more food out there

and it is worth try for the portions are small making them inexpensive 

but be careful cause there are some out there 

that just might ruin your appetite! 

and it is best to go in a group, so you can try a lot of things in one visit 

finally, a short clip of very cool performance at the night market! 

I did not blur out anyone but I did no mean to infringe on anyone's privacy act 

so please contact me if you have problem with the video

if not, please enjoy! for i think she was quite cool!! 


8351 River Road 

Richmond BC 

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