Nook is a small casual italian restaurant at the end of the robson street right across kintaro 

it is only open during the night time, so I was quite curious how this place would be like 

the menu is short 

with daily specials on the board

I do apologize for the quality of the photo 

it was not the best environment 

but no excuses =P

anti pasto of the day 

which was prosciutto, sun-dried tomato and bean salad, and fresh mozzarella served with bread

this was very nice combination 

with prosciutto's salty and savouriness balanced by the fresh and tangyness of the cheese 

and the salad to add variety and texture


and of course

who can turn down a well toasted bread? 

really cant remember what this is.. 

it was arugula and fresh mozzarella salad with very light dressing 

ricotta pizza

thin oven baked though with plenty of toppings and olive oil 

chewy but just enough crunch at the end 

with topping not too salty and olive oil not too greasy

it's worth its money i would have to say

we did order bottle of rose with 

and the food went perfectly with all the food

the server was very friendly and she did her best to pick out the flavour we wanted with the wine 

although our and her limited knowledge made it bit difficult 

but all in the end, everything worked out 

so it was very nice dinner =] 

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Posted by sofi

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