Cattle cafe is little on the far side from central richmond

well not very far but if you are planning to walk

it is bit far 


i decided to go visit

since the bubble waffle place in the aberdeen centre closed down 

(although i think they are opening a new one, or relocating the old one) 

so i need somewhere else to quench my thirst for bubble waffles

overall it was great choice

hong kong style milk tea

very sweet but very concentrated

i really like it since it was quite flavourful

but may easy on the syrup next time =] 

this lovely looking thing 

is lemon ribena

my friend was looking for something refreshing

and this is what she ordered

she ended up really loving it

i think it was something along the lines of raspberry lemon soda

but she had to wait awhile so that the syrup became less concentrated

and finally the bubble waffle

this was the most flaky and chewy bubble waffle i have yet to taste

very hot since they are freshly made

and the flakiness of it cannot be described

we loved it so much

we had to order another plate 

and this was after our full on brunch

one thing i realized was that a lot of the tables were ordering noodles

so i am assuming that is what they are good at

but their bubble waffles are definitely worth trying

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