if i am craving decent cake 

but i don't have time to go far

this is the place to go to

however, the convenience is just a gimmick 

because their cake its really good itself!

well not all of them 

but maple walnut cake for sure!!

after 4 years, i can proudly say i conquered all the menu in the display except the bread pudding..

and to be honest,

some of them are not very good

esp the green one you will see below

this is my absolute favourite in this whole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! place

if you cannot order this

there is no point in coming 

its soft maple walnut shiffon cake with maple cream and walnuts

it is a perfect combination 

with just enough sweetness and maple flavour

princess cake..

it was passion fruit mouse 

wrapped in green fondant 

i am assuming..

but was a bad choice

i can't even recall how it tasted like...

i assumed that the fondant was not to be eaten

since it was way too sweet

but it was way too thick

after i pilled them off

i had like spoonful of of mouse left

mouse itself was okay 

but then again it was nothing special

i love the tea here and their coffee is not that bad 

and other baked goods are really good too

just not there mouse and few of the cakes are not worth the $ but

still the walnut cake is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo heavenly

i have to go back and will continue to go back 

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