only location in lower mainland 
olive garden in langley is always full of hungry eaters
anxiously awaiting their turn for a table 

the symbol excites many

i was given two menu
one regular menu and one summer special menu
but some of the summer special was part of the regular menu as well

regular menu 

raspberry lemonade
very bad choice
very tart, powdered lemonade flavour 
that is just pink... no raspberry flavour what so ever..
i barely finished this cup... 
what a waste


typical garden salad and bread stick 
salad was fresh and served with vinegrette
and warm bread sticks are good filler for hungry stomach until the pasta gets here

carbonara ravioli with shrimp 
creamy and smokey carbonara sauce with succulant shrimp
personally i dont think ravioli goes well with this combination
but still pretty good

pronto feast
you can choose from two of their classic pasta menu
i chose lasagna and  spaghetti with meat sauce 

lasagna was very true to its flavour 
very classic lasagna with tomatoey sauce
strong feta and bit over cooked lasagna noodles
but still delicious ans awesome

spaghetti and meat sauce
simple but there is something very addictive about this
although i did not think i liked it very much,
i kept on eating it
which was very odd

to me,
olive garden is step up from old spaghetti factory and eastside mario's 
but not as fine as some of other italian trattorias
it has american style italian food
it does not taste bad
and has very good service staff
but the price does range bothers me a bit

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