sushi california became the "it" place to go to
when it comes to sushi in coquitlam
so if you go during the meal time 
you probably will face some wait time 
before getting a seat 

the menu consist of typical Japanese sushi restaurant menu
although they do have exceptionally large variety of rolls
price range is okay inexpensive but not cheap 

basic table setting 
because the restaurant was too busy
the server tried to too many things at same time  
that she was all over the place
i guess she was new but i would not have minded if she slowed down 
because she was spilling things everywhere
she even spilled some of our food on to my company's pants.. leaving clear food stain 
sigh.. oh well.. things happen.. but still not very pleasant experience

spicy salmon sashimi 
i know its not on the menu but if you order it
the server will know it
cause it is exactly like spicy tuna sashimi
except it is made with salmon instead of tuna
salmon was fresh and succulent 
very chewy
sauce itself had its tang and was actually bit spicy but good delicious spicy
favourite menu of which i order it everytime i am here

house role 
forgot to take picture of the things inside
but it is a large role filled with
tamago (egg), salmon, tuna , lettuce, cucumber, artificial crab meat with tobiko on top 
it is a huge role that most people will have difficulty putting it in their mouth
it was nice combination of flavours but tasted ordinary
and the sashimi in the role was almost non-existent..
felt bit ripped off

unagi nigiri sushi 
eel was okay, bit dry not really warm
still taste  sweet and tender but really nothing special from anywhere else 
that probably defrost the frozen precooked ones

assorted tempura
3 prawn, 2 sweet potato + carrot + zucchini
 crisp and hot 
well cooked
nothing more to say

sushi california is a great place to enjoy some good quality sushi at affordable price 
but if you ask me if it is worth all the hype
i would say probably not...
the restaurant is bit outdated and their are too many staff and too many people to provide 
consistent service 

i am not saying i do not like this place
i am just saying it is just not worth waiting for

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Posted by sofi

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