I was not quite sure if I wanted to post about this place
because my opinion regarding this place fluctuates depending on what I order 

But, at the end, 
it is what it is so mind as well say it 

The restaurant itself is located in middle of nowhere as I would like to call it
but it is only couple minute drive away from metrotown 
It is a korean BBQ place but I think it is overpriced for I think all Korean BBQ is overpriced in Vancouver 
So I only visit for their food menu 

their side dishes are not worth trying 
if this place is the first place you have tried Kim Chi
it is not what is suppose to taste like
it is suppose to be less fishy, better textured and more flavoured
from top left corner, clockwise
green salad with carrot dressing - wimp and  bland 
beansprouts - 
sea weed stems - I usually love this but it is sour which is not the way I enjoy them
and Kimchi

Cold Noodle in Soup (Nang Myun)
this the reason I visit place 
and I should not have deviated away from it
I love the balance of toppings and the thinness of the noodle
cool and well flavoured broth
It is my life saver during the hot summer months

this is Yook Gae Jang 
which is kind of like a korean style stew
with brisket meat
a lot of veggies like bean sprouts, mushrooms, green onion, onion etc

it is how it is served, with bowl of rice 
it is your choice to eat them separately or just put the rice in the soup
but I really like to discourage you from ordering it
no matter how good it looks to you
it tastes so oily and bland
I didn't even get half way through before I had to call in quits  
it is just not right and I think they should cross it off the menu
because I really don't see the necessity of long menu's in many korean restaurants here
when they don't even know how to make the properly
which annoys me a lot

I will probably go back here
just for the cold noodles
and the servers are very nice
but before ordering
ask what is most popular
because I don't think feeling adventurous will work here

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Posted by sofi

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