When I first found this place, I was amazed by all the things they carried!!! 
they have everything from plain baguette to French pastry desserts such as profiteroles!
Although I said it was a tiny bakery, only the front area is small. 
Behind the display of about hundred of different breads, cakes, and pastries, 
lies a huge hall where all the baking and decorating cake! 
I wend three times within a week period, 
tried their tiramisu, mont blanc, fruit tart, choux, profiteroles and macaroons. 
All the cakes and tarts are under $5.
They cakes are actually really good value and really tasty 
I would not recommend their choux type pastry as well as the macaroons
they were soggy and not very pastry like. 
But their tiramisu is a must try but those who does not enjoy strong liquor tasting tiramisu may not like it. 

밴쿠버에서 찾은 작은 프랑스 베이커리 
빵과 케잌종료가 다양하고,
가격대비 퀄러티도 괜찬은거 같지만 
슈나, 마카롱은 비추..
눅눅하고 질기다 -_-;;;
삼일동안 먹은것중 티라미수가 제일 맛잇엇던듯!
커피는 약간 쓰지만, 
라테는 정말 맛잇엇다. 

1165 Davie st. 
Vancouver BC 
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