Connie's Cook House is a Chinese restaurant located in kits area.
It had really good reviews so I was curious how this place was. 
With years of experience in many Chinese cuisine (as so many other vancouverites do) 
I have realized that quality of Chinese food can be determined by
how your stomach feels after you finish huge meal! 

In that sense, Connie's Cook House deserves, the rating 
yummy and sits well in my stomach. 

I visited this place during lunch hour 
which they provided affordable single person portion meal 
which is one of their main dishes (only ones listed in the lunch menu section) + bowl of rice + wonton soup or sour soup 

but you can still order their other menus!! 

Wonton soup 

this was part of the lunch menu set 
and this is all you get!
well you don't really need much cuz it's like a appetizer 

it tasted okay, i had better wonton soup 
it had strong scent of pork, which i am not very fond of 
but it was addable with extra pepper 

corn and bean curd soup 

this was one of their regular menu 
and it actually comes in a big bowl that can be easily shared by 4 people more or less depending on what else you order
it was very smooth soup well blended with the sweetness of corn 

I actually enjoyed this more that wonton soup

Prawns with Black Bean Sauce 

The black been sauce was same as many other places 
except it tasted less salty and less sweet 
which was really good thing!!! 

the veggies were evenly cooked but still crisp 
prawns were more like shrimp but still tasted good 
the best part is when you mix the white rice with the black bean sauce! yum! 

Cod Fillet with Black Bean Sauce

exact same as above, except with cod fillet!
cod fillet is actually covered in batter, 
it does not seem deep fried and it is quite mushy 
but its good kind of mush because the cod is still firm enough inside 

cod fillet with tofu hot pot 

this dish was just okay 
nothing special about it i think 
it can be bit salty if eaten by itself 
but it is meant to be accompanied by rice so understandable 

Overall, Connie's Cook House is a nice, casual place to get some 
good tasting chinese food 
it is worth trying if you are near by 

It just knows how to get basics right! 

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