on a statutory holiday,
it is not very easy to find 
so after calling couple places around 
Meloty became my first afternoon tea 

Meloty's afternoon tea 
is practically all you can eat of every pastry they serve 
I did not realize this until half way through 
but it did not matter because 
I was so full with bite of everything 
that I could not eat any more 

this is partially because I took afternoon tea quite lightly
and had a meal about three hours before I came 
I really recommend going on empty stomach 
because there will be so much food!!! 

their afternoon tea includes pot of tea from their fine selection of tea leaves 
or hot/cold espresso drinks 

I really liked their china 
and the entire store had walls of different collection of china 
which added to their luxurious interior 
(contradictory to their crappy exterior, it caught me by surprise) 

the miniature silverware was quite cute as well
but not very useful... 
It did make me feel like I was having luxurious tea 
instead of stuffing my mouth with 
pastries although that is what I did 

this was iced latte 
it was okay 
nothing special although I think their tea is so much better quality 

This was one of their teas
I think it was jasmine green tea 
but am not so sure 

what I do remember is that it smelled and tasted really nice and delicate 
perfect with all the pastry they served us 

the savoury pastry came in 3-tiers 
but one tier for both of us 
at first, I thought this was all we got 
but I had a nice surprise later when they asked if they could start the desserts =]

Sadly I do not remember any of the names 
but the baguette was toasted with garlic butter and parsley 
topping was tuna salad, cucumber and cherry tomato 
it was bit hard to eat pretty 
but if you dont mind using your hands 
then it tastes okay
it tasted like what it was suppose to taste like 
tuna salad and baguette 

this was waffle and ham veggie topping 
it was quite regrettable because I have to say 
the waffle itself was the best waffle I have yet to taste 
it was flaky and soft, sweet but not too sweet 
which makes it a perfect dessert waffle!!
however, the salty and savoury topping totally collided with the waffle 
and created something quite odd 

the croissant sandwich was same thing as well 
the croissant was perfectly flaky and buttery 
and they ruined it by adding processed cheese...
I was so tempted to ask for just the croissant 
but I had other things to taste 

this was bacon flavoured scone
except it was quite salty to be a scone 
however, it had really nice texture 

this was pasty with mushroom and beef stuff 
it tasted quite good actually 
except for the fact that it was bit buttery 

and now for dessert!!
the dessert course does not come in tiers
but servers bring trays of dessert and you can pick out whatever you like 
how many you would like 

their tiramisu was standard
not great not bad just normal 
edible standard with liquor flavour slightly on stronger side 

their creme brule was quite nice 
very rich vanilla scent 
and I just love cracking open the sugar layer 
its like opening a present!

I loved their pudding!!
but I love every pudding!! 

I like the cantaloupe tart! 
because filling was quite citrus 
but the match + red bean tart was bad!!
it was nice idea but oddly made
and two did not go so well

other that these
their was almond cookies (so so)
flat toasted almond cookies (which were nutty but just nutty)
flavoured tofu pudding

and you could ask for more of any of the stuff above

overall experience was okay
the atmosphere was very nice
and luxurious (even the restroom was very beautiful as well)
staff was kind
but the food was not very impressive
it is cheaper than other high tea
so it has value
but I am not sure if I will return to this place
since there are so many others out there!

for two people 
we paid $50 + tax + tip 

it was nice experience 
that is worth visiting
I might try their other menu if I am near by 

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