located couple stores down from H-Mart coquitlam
Ma sarang is korean style Chinese food place 
its a small place of about 10 tables 
but they have wide range of classical korean-chinese food 
and good flavours 

typical side dish that accompanies all the menu in korean-chinese food
picked radish, raw sweet onion and black bean paste for the raw sweet onion

ja jang myun
it is black bean sauce with veggies
on top of flour noodles

using your chopsticks 
you mix well
the sauce is sweet but savoury and the noodles is well cooked
chew but smooth

Jjam Bbong 
it does have funny name
because in korean, the name means mixture of everything
which is sort of true because 
it is mixture of all sorts of seafood in a spicy broth 
and noodles 
its spicy but sweet and the variety of seafood makes it fun to eat

ma sarang does what they are suppose to do quite well
although the decoration of the place might not be as pretty 
servers are nice and its affordable place 

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Posted by sofi

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