Tomokazu is all you can eat sushi place 
located somewhere between granville st and cambie st
on W Broadway 
it is located on a 2nd story of building with sony style 
and the parking is located at the rear end 
or you could just street park 

I visited this place 
because I wanted some sushi on statutory holiday + monday
which means most of good sushi places are closed 
so we decided to go for some all you can eat sushi 
for quantity instead of quality 

there are two types of dinner menu 
one lite, one being the deluxe
deluxe is about $3 more expensive
and has bit larger selection of sashimi and sushi
but I do not think it is worth it, so we went with the lite menu 

we did not get to order everything on the menu 
but quite a hansom portion
we do not have any tuna because both of us do not like tuna 

miso soup 
warm bit salty
nothing special
but it is good accompaniment

suno mono
it was quite weird...
the noodles seem to be cooked awhile ago
I know I should not expect great quality but still
I think simple things like this could be done better

tuna tataki 
oops I lied above,
we did order tuna
except it tasted gross 
it just tasted mushy and weird 
very unflavourful 
do not order this!!! 

Spicy Salmon Cone
the salmon sashimi is quite good
it taste great and the texture is very smooth but still chewy
and rich in flavour
but the spicy sauce is not right
more sour that on spicy side (too much vinegar)
and the nori would not break off properly
so it was quite difficult to bite off

Chopped Scallop Cone 
I was indifferent about their scallop 
except this one seemed to have too much mayo for my liking

from first top left column
BC Roll
Chicken Teriyaki Roll
Alaska Roll 
Tomokazu Roll
Yam Roll 

they were all okay 
except BC roll was very fishy

Korean Salmon Sashimi
I don't know why this is called Korean Salmon sashimi
because it was salmon sashimi in teriyaki-like sauce
very sweet
ruins perfectly good salmon sashimi

Salmon sashimi 
it tastes as good as it looks 
you will love it here if you are a salmon sashimi eater

Spicy Salmon Sashimi 
same sauce as the cone..
not really recommended..
just eat regular sashimi

Chopped Scallop Sushi - indifferent
Hokkigai - very bad rice to sushi ratio but taste okay
Tamago - worst tamago sushi ever eaten. very dissappointed

Lobster Sushi - not real lobster.. I should have known..
Abalone Sushi - tastes more like the seaweed than abalone
Salmon Sushi - yuummmmm......

Masago Suchi 
the quality of nori is same as the cone
it was just okay

Agedashi Tofu
very hot so careful when you bite into it
its nicely fried
crispy outside, soft tofu inside

Shishamo Karage 
its is a deep fried small fish that is eaten as a whole
I did not try this myself but I was told it was okay

tastes like one of those you can buy from the market
but you cannot go wrong with those

 I just love them, just cause... lol

Prawn Tempura
I was actually quite surprised by the quality
because  the prawn was actually as big as it appeared to be 
Along with their Yam Tempura (sorry no pictures) it is very nicely breaded and fried

Chicken Karage
I had so much better Karage
and the strong smell of chicken meat is not very attractive

Oyster Motoyaki and Portuguese Seafood  Motoyaki
did not try them.. so no comment although my company seemed to enjoy them very much

BBQ Korean Pork 
It tastes quites good actually
bit on sweet side
but it was way to charred so we had to cut out almost half of the plate

it tasted like curry powder chicken
but overcooked making the meat way too tough

Mango Pudding 
my favourite part!!
it is quite citrousy
but its not really mango - like taste
more one the side of passion fruit..

This is the receipt of all things we ate 
some of them are not mentioned
because I do not recall them
and I do not have any photos of them

staffs are  very attentive 
but not very nice

the basic hygiene seems to be okay
but I would not eat off the table

the overall quality of food is acceptable
except for some that needs to be avoided 
if you are a heavy eater and a salmon lover 
(like my company) this is place for you!! 

but for me, I think there are cheaper, and better alternatives out there for me

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