(athough it says Kimbab Cheonguk else where,
the official spelling is as stated in the menu)

It is located in the Lougheed area with all the other Korean Business
and has been there as long as I could remember

They serve Korean style fast food or snack food 
such as Kim Bob (as mentioned in name) 
Dduk Bok Eee (spicy rice cake with noodles and oden) 
Korean Style Cold Noodle 

I actually have never seen non-korean person eat here before 
but I think it is due to the menu 
that is quite unknown to many.

However, the quality of food here is quite great 
and I urge everyone to try it out!!

Their menu is predominately written in Korean
However, there are english descriptions
as well as pictures.
The food served is very similar to the pictures except for the amount
It is very inexpensive and serving portion is decent 

On the side of the table, 
there are spoons, chopsticks, and cups 
as well as chili paste in mustard jar
vinegar in ketchup jar
and I do not know what is in the metal case
I assume salt or chili powder

One main reason cups are located on the side is that 
with water, they serve a pot of warm meat broth for you to drink 
it is seasoned so it is like drinking beef stock
but it is very tasty
and I end up drinking couple cups of this before, during, and after my meal 

This is Spicy Cold Noodle 
which is called Nang Myun in Korean
which is very thin, starchy noodles with pickled raddish, cucumbers, thinly sliced cooked beef and egg
and it can be either in broth or with mixed chili paste
it is served cold, and it is what gets me through the hot summer days

This is Spicy Rice cake with noodles and Oden 
known as Dduk Bok Ki in korean 
which is all the ingredient cooked in spicy chili paste with onion and cabbage
the egg is just a bonus for you to calm your mouth if things get too spicy
I think they serve best of the kind that is being sold in Vancouver
other than what my mom makes! 

This is Tuna Kim Bob 
Kim Bob is Korean version of sushi roles
but has lot more ingredients!
this one has canned tuna, mayo, eggs, picked radish, cucumber, carrots and oden
all wrapped by layer of rice and nori
seems simple but tastes exceptional

Great way to eat Kim Bob is to dip it in the Dduk Bbok Ki sauce
They go very well together
although it makes Kim Bob spicy
but nothing I cannot handle lol

Kim Bob Chun Gook is very small, clean place 
that can be visited for a light snack or intense meal
by simply adjusting what you order

staff are friendly although the hall is small
so on some days, you might have to wait but not too long
becaue people usually get up and leave quite fast
(that is why I called it fast food because it is very fast to eat)

If you like korean food
and want some korean style snack food
this is place for you!

For me, it is a great stop for me to get Dduk Bok Ki 
when my mom is too busy for me =] 


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