more of a diner than a cafe 
but sophie's is one of the most sought out place for brunch 
in west 4th area 
i been meaning to visit for awhile now 
so i was really excited when i walked into this funky diner like place

their breakfast/lunch menu
this is served until 4:30 ( I think )
so you can come in middle of the day to get you pancakes and omelettes!!
interesting cover though.. lol 

breakfast menus are red, lunch are green 
they have all the diner classics from benedicts to burgers
and some vegetarian friendly choices  

very kiddle place mats 
after looking at this, i assumed they would have a good burger
so i ordered one just out of curiosity

the place was full of wall hangings, figures and posters that seems to be a lot older than i am 
observing the "history: on the wall is a nice way to kill time while you wait for your food 

they even have their own ketchup
which is more tomotoey and sour than regular heinz ketchup
i think  

sophie's classic falafel platter 
4 falafel + pita + humus and house salad
pita was warm and chewy 
falafel was crunchy and nutty 
hummus was on bit bland side
but it is still better than store bought ones
it was a great plate
but my sister who ate them said it is not a very good price to taste ratio

Jimmy's Greek 7 oz burger + fries
sour cream + feta + dill sauce on lean 7 ounce patty
served with fresh lettuce tomato pickle and onion
the burger does not come assembled 
but this is good cause you can take the time to evenly spread out the sauce
or you will experience super cheesy goo on one end and sauceless meaty burger one the other

stacked high, it is a big burger 
i loved the feta sauce on this burger because it was really cheesy 
and i just loved the overpowering flavour of feta and dill
but the burger patty itself was bit too dry because it was just too thick
fries were good, crispy, crunch but tender core


i really don't know what to say about this place
cause i like the place
and i tried to make myself love the place so that i would comeback
but i can't help but to think some of the menu items are bit overpriced  
i want to go back for maybe their breakfast
but i am pretty sure it won't be anytime soon...  

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