located in the same mall as the Hannam Market 
next to the aquarium, 
it is a open area
like a food court
except it is the only restaurant other than the cafe 
and it is run like a food court
where everything is self service 
so you grab your own cup to get water
you order at the counter
and you get your food from the counter when it is ready 

their main menu is kal gook soo 
which can be translated into knife noodles
because back then, people used a knife to cut out noodles
they also have some other korean food like
bibimbob in hot stone pot
or dumplings listed as wang mand doo 

the menu really does not have any explaination
which is not very non-korean friendly
in fact, i have yet to see a non korean person eat here
but their kal gook soo is quite good
i usually get man doo kal gook soo
which is like regular kal gook soo but it comes with couple dumplings

kim chi
this is special type of kim chi
that is less fermented and very strong in garlic flavour
in most kal gook soo serving place, 
it is personal favourite except for the bad breath afterwards

main menu 
broth is beef bone based stock 
with sauteed ground beef + veggie topping 
noodle resembles fettucini
except it is very soft in texture 
not very chewy 
although somedays they do better job cooking the noodles to be bit more firm
i like the soft, almost non-chewable but still edible with chopsticks 
very much 
the flavour blends well
making it very savoury and delicious 

it is one of my favourite korean food menu
that is not served in many places 
which is probably the only reason i visit place so often 

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'things i ate' 카테고리의 다른 글

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