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last guu located in downtown to visit
it is located in very odd area  
like a loft because as soon as you walk into the building
there is the host 
no another door that separates the space from other stores 

anyhow, it was only 6:30 but only all the tables were either full or reserved 
so we took a sit at their bar 

unlike other locations 
the bar did not equal kitchen
instead they actually have a wet bar behind the bar seats 
although they don't do much cooking 
but it is fun to watch drinks being mixed 
and sashimi being plated 

guuud ale 
beer specially brewed for guu only
is pale ale that is on dry side
except today
it tasted extra dry and very strong in barley or wheaty flavour
which was quite odd
but i think it was only that batch

margaret jump 
peach liqueur, lime juice, ginger ale with floating frozen cranberry ice ball
that melts completely away after while 
sweet and peachy 
you barely taste the alcohol there 
it is a very light drink 

getting ready to eat!!! 

spicy agedashi tofu 
deep fried tofu in soup topped with spicy chili 
if you don't mix the toppings well
you will bite into quite a bit of spice that may be unpleasant
so please do so before taking a bite
the fry batter is bit coarse
which makes the tofu extra crunch but makes the tofu soak up the broth fast
it is okay, but not really special

ebi mayo 
deep fried prawns in tempura batter served with spicy mayo
too much mayo at times
but the prawns are always succulent and has great texture


deep fried chicken leg meat
served with mayo
crispy, salty, juicy and tender
beer's best friend

brie cheese 
deep fried brie cheese with mago and blueberry sauce
crispy outside with gooey delicious brie cheese
that was so perfectly with sweet mango and blueberry sauce

as soon as you bite it
melted brie cheese just flows out~
if you are a cheese lover
definitely try it out

nikuzyaga croquette
deep fried panko breaded mashed potato  

it also has some stew beef 
carrot and onions
it was very good
not the creamy croquette i was expecting
the mash is coarse
filling but really bland


it is very modern style guu
with nice bar 
great place to grab a drink 

it is bit quieter in comparison to other guu 
and i love the decorations of drawings and other art forms 

guu has not failed me yet 

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