For something simple to make, 
Pasta has become a very pricey commodity every restaurant I go 
In that sense, Jimoco offers two for one pastas which are comfort to my mouth and my wallet as well

They have selection of cafe drinks as well but I have never tried 
and the servers never explained the entree option for me 
so I do not really know what is up with that 
But only reason I go here is for the two for one pasta 
which ranges between $14~$18

the restaurant is arranged in colour scheme of red and brown 
and the lighting is not very bright but it is not bothersome
everything is clean and simple 

This is their complementary bread 
which baguette toasted with butter 
it was nice, warm and soft 
but nothing special 
However, its something to much on to ease your growling stomach 
I mean how can you go wrong with piece of baguette and butter?

This is Caesar salad you can add for $2 
the dressing was too heavy and not evenly distributed 
and the lettuce pieces were too big 
which made me dress my face with caesar dressing
thank god for napkins!

I forgot the name of the following dishes but I will try to describe as best as I can 

this was seafood risotto with cream sauce
which is served so hot, 
that the sauce bubbled almost through out entire meal 
it was very creamy with strong flavours of mussels, clams and shrimp 
risotto was good perfectly in the beginning 
but it overcooked probably due to the extremely hot plate 

this was rottini in tomato meat sauce baked covered with dough 
when it first came out,
It was completely covered in the dough
which resembled turtle eggs
but the nice server kindly cut the top and placed in nicely in bowl
this was very hot as well
and remain hot throughout entire meal and then some
the pasta was good very meaty I have to say 
but because it stayed so hot, the fat or the cheese did not coagulated 
which allowed me to go through my meal without feeling sick of it 
However, the portion was quite big so I only got through 2/3 before I asked for my take-out box

Overall, Jimoco is cheap option to getting great tasting pasta
it is nothing fancy or great quality 
but it's comforting taste makes me want to comeback again and again

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Posted by sofi

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