As one of Vancouver's Favourite Izakaya, 
Guu is loved by many during dinner time as a place to grab a light meal and a drink while at it.

However, I love visiting this place during its short lunch hour (11:40~1:30) 
to enjoy their simple but delicious lunch time menu 
which consists of assorted deep fried delights such as tonkatsu or coroquette 
grilled fish or curry 

the statement I could not agree more one!! 

this is tonkatsu which is Japanese style pork cutlet 
which is served with rice and couple sides such as picked dried radish (just an assumption here),
soy sauce cooked radish, cabbages and potato salad
Tonkatsu is very nicely cooked 
crispy outer layer but tender meat
But if you are new to this lunch our menu 
I would recommend getting assorted fry set which includes various types of deep fried things such as coroquette and karage 
to find what one likes best! 

this is karage donburi with eggs 
which was special of the day but appears quite frequently in their lunch menu
it is their regular deep fried chickens served during dinner time as well
served on bowl of rice with eggs, nori, and green onion with soy sauce bases sauce

the sauce actually makes karage bit mushy but it allows the flavour to blend very well
making the rice most as well 

with all the menu under $10
Guu offers great lunch time selection that is very attractive
since the lunch hour is so short 
it can be only accessible to few 
but if you can make it, I strongly recommend you try this place out at lunch! 
if you are great fan of simple homestyle Japanese food,
you will love the selection here!! 


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