Marulilu Cafe is a Japanese Cafe 
located on Cambie st and W broadway 
it offers all day breakfast in both Japanese and Western Style 

It is a very small and cozy place with huge furnitures
the tables were big
and the chairs are heavy making them difficult to maneuver
because the furnitures were so big compared to the space available 
the cafe seemed bit squishy and hard to get around 

their menu consists consists of drinks mostly coffee based 
and food which are divided in to rice bowls, platter breakfasts or sandwiches

This is Coffee Jelly Latte 
which is coffee jelly in milk topped with whip cream
the coffee jelly has similar texture as Jello but literally tastes like coffee 
at first it tasted really weird because it was just coffee Jello in milk
but with help of extra extra sugar syrup and a lot of vigorous stirring 
it tasted quite good 
I really loved the texture of Jello in my drink 
but I would not recommend it unless you feel adventurous with your coffee 

This is Japanse Style Breakfast + Coroquette 
which is bowl of rice served with miso soup, egg omelette, grilled salmon and choice of tofu or natto (Japanese style fermented beans) 
for additional charge you can add nikujaga (Japanese style meat dish with potato cooked in soy sauce) or 
coroquette (creamed potato and minced meat, breaded and deep fried) 

this was quite simple but great meal 
although tofu was just simple regular tofu
egg was very light and fluffy 
miso was nicely warm and not too salty
salmon was well cooked 
and coroquette was crispy but creamy on the inside 
there were more rice than other things that can be eaten along with it
but I rather have it this way than other way around 
it is a good portion, perfect for regular eater like me 
but for someone who can finish more than two slices of large pizza, 
it may not be enough 

This is Katsu sandwich 
which is Tonkatsu (pork cutlet) in between bread 
cabbage as veggies
and tonkatsu sauce replacing regular western condiments such as ketchup or mustard

at Marulilu, there is also mayo and tomato 
which made the sauce drip all over the place
but I Loved! this sandwich
Tonkatsu was quite soft, softest of any Japanese tonkatsu I have eaten
but it is perfect for this sandwich because it blends well with other ingredients and the bread
it was very moist and tender
and the sauce was very evenly distributed
since this is the only place that sells katsu sandwich I know of
so I have nothing to compared to
but I think it was a pretty darn good sandwich

the food at Marulilu Cafe was GREAT!!
it was simple but everything tasted like
how it was suppose to taste like

One thing that I did not like about this place other that it being squishy
was the fact that it was quite stuffy and hot inside the cafe
although it was only late April
as if they did not have any ventilation
if this is the case,
I really would not visit this place during summer

Other than that, it is a perfect place to have nice relaxing lunch
that I would like to visit again and again 

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