This cozy Italian place is located at the corner of diamond shaped building in gastown
it is quite secluded and cozy and has very rustic feel 
and it serves great food!!! 

their menu consists of typical italian cuisines 
such as pizza, pasta, and calzone
and small selection of appetizer and desserts

This is the complementary bread that is accompanied by every meal 
which seems to be type of flat bread baked with various herbs
served with balsamic vinegar and olive oil
the bread was well seasoned but it was bit tough 
making it hard to cut with a knife of bite it off with teeth
but I was so hungry I finished the whole piece 
I don't think I ever passed on house bread come to think of it 

Rotini Dragon Breath 
it is a coconut cury style pasta with chicken breast and vegetables 
As a curry lover in every form
I thought it was very unique and great tasting to 
it is light but flavourful
with coconut milk in substitution to usual cream base for curry pasta
Rotini was nicely cooked to al dante

Gastown Pizza Small Size 
which is spinach, sundried tomatoes, roasted chicken and pine nuts
topped with gonzola cheese served with freshly crushed tomato sauce and mozzarella
I love this pizza because the crust is chewy and crispy
and the combination of all the toppings are excellent
however, if you are not big fan of gonzola cheese or any other strongly flavoured cheese
this is not your pizza
but if you do, you will love this!!

for two girls, pasta and small pizza is way to much
we ended up taking about a quarter of the pizza home
because we could not take another bite

but I could not pass on their desserts because
well you can not say no to warm chocolate cake
no matter how full you are

Melting Chocolate Cake 
is warm chocolate with vanilla ice cream and raspberry coulis
This is just to die for!!
When I read melting chocolate cake, I was expecting something like lava cake
but it was called melting chocolate cake because it just melts in your mouth
the cake is warm and chocolaty and has texture between cake and a brownie
and it goes really well with the raspberry coulis since it adds bit of tang to the cake
and how can you go wrong with ice cream!!

Incendio is my favourite pasta in Gastown 
and is so much better quality that some pasta factory that seems to be loved by many
the staff is very friendly and kind
being very attentive!
Flat screen at the bar makes it a perfect place to enjoy a meal and the game

I just cannot wait to go back here again!! 

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