This restaurant is located in my neighbourhood 
and the reviews were pretty good 
so I dragged my family to try a new place 
but the end was not very good 
and the restaurant made it to our do not approach list 

before anything 
I just want to clarify few things
my parents ran a sushi restaurant while ago 
where they were trained by actually japanese chef 
who was very strict on quality and had high standards 
so we have very good and clear distinction on what is good and what is not 

any how, menu list was not very extensive but had most of selections you would find in
any other Japanese restaurant 

basic cutlery needed to eat! 

ebi sunomono 
part of dinner bento 
the noodles were way over done 
as if it was sitting out their for awhile 
the soup base was not sour enough 

miso soup 
part of dinner bento
this was a good indication that we should have gotten up and left
it has been sitting in the pot so long 
and it has become cloudy and stale 
and just unappetizing 
when miso soup comes to this state 
it should be thrown out 
not served to guests 
it is just wrong 

nigiri sushi combo 
quality was okay
there is no wasabi inside
just for a heads up to those who prefer it that way
along with the sashimi in the bento, 
the knife work was pretty good 
(as according my mother) 

tamago sushi
I like ordering this in new sushi place I go
because it takes a lot of effort to make
although it does not sell for much
and places that have good sushi
have good tamago sushi!! 
in that sense 
this restaurant failed miserably 
not delicate enough and not enough sigh.. 

I was actually quite satisfied with this 
everything tasted good
the tempura was quite crispy and nicely done 
and I was quite impressed
the salad was very bland
but it's okay i guess
the beef teriyaki is on bit bland side although I thought it was okay

chicken karage 
is one thing I want to stop everyone from ordering
because it should not be on the menu
chicken is not seasoned before being friend
very bland, flavourless, and chicken lack in freshness 

I was unimpressed by their guts to serve stale food 
although some menu are good 
it is just a turn off when you are served something that taste grotesque 
plus because the kitchen was busy, 
the karage came out last when it was suppose to be an appetizer 
maybe I am being harsh 
but I still want my food certain way
when I walk into a restaurant 
and they just did not meet my standards.. 

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Posted by sofi

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