located in gastown 
sea monstr sushi had very modern outlook 
on traditional Japanese food such as sushi 
although the place itself is small
i always enjoy the food here

I call this place small, because 
all you see in this picture + 3 tables for four (where i was sitting)
is the entire restaurant
as you can see they do not have a separate kitchen

that is why they have very small menu 
very small selection of nigiri sushi and rolls and some donburi 
combos are nice choice if you want to try them all

I love their water bottle 
all bottle had their logo engraved 

miso soup 
has fried bean curds in them

spicy tuna roll
the size is tiny but the tuna just melts in your mouth
and the sauce is sweet and tangy with little bit of kick in it

dressing seems to have carrot and sesame oil
lettuce crisp and refreshing but something was bit bitter in here

unagi don 
they have very unique sauce
that i have not seen anywhere else
although it still has the sweet but salty and savoury flavour
it just seemed more fresh and better incorporated into the eel
very yummy

it is served over bowl of rice with eggs, cucumber and wasabi

combo b
unagi, tamago, tako, ebi, tuna, salmon nirigi sushi + tuna roll 
i dont eat tuna
but tuna here is quite delicious
its creamy and sweet but savoury
and has wonderful flavour that is too good to pass up
they even make wonderful tamago sushi that is sweet and has the right texture
which makes me want to comeback again and again 

only complain i have is the portion size 
it is quite small
and for a person like me who is not a big eater
to be full I probably have to gobble up about half of what is on their menu
in that sense the price that appears on the menu does not seem so cheap
but the servers are nice
and food is always fresh and great tasting
and i find this place very rustic but modern
it is worth visiting
at least once if you are near by  

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Posted by sofi

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